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Specialist Teams

  • Drug and Alcohol Team (DART)

    • moderate to severe substance misuse problems;

    • specialist counselling, prescriptions, screening of blood borne viruses and access to needs assessment for service users requiring funded rehabilitation.


  • Forensics

    • care of mentally disordered offenders,

    • involves secure inpatient care and community care, including an outreach team.


  • Old Age Psychiatry

    • integrated health and social care assessment and treatment for older people (over 65 years) with mental illness.


  • Learning Disabilities

    • supports people with learning disabilities who suffer mental health problems and are unable to access generic mental health services.


  • Neuropsychiatry

    • assessment and treatments for adults over the age of 18 with neurological illness or head injuries who have associated psychiatric problems.


  • Early Intervention Team

    • specialised service that provides help for people aged 17-30 who have experienced psychotic symptoms for the first time.


  • Perinatal

    • psychiatric liaison service to the maternity unit,

    • consultation service to primary care,

    • assessment, management or appropriate signposting of women with mental health disorders during pregnancy and the post-partum,

    • advising on prevention and management of serious mental disorders occurring in the context of childbirth.


  • Eating Disorders

    • assessment, care and treatment for adults and children with an eating disorder.


  • Liaison Psychiatry

    • deals with patients who have a physical illness or disorder in conjunction with mental health difficulties, or have been presented to the A&E department in crisis or following deliberate self-harm.

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