Personality Disorders

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  • Deeply ingrained maladaptive patterns of thinking, feeling, behaving and social functioning which are relatively inflexible.

  • Developmental origin, tend to be lifelong.

  • Cause clinically significant distress to self and others.


Paranoid Personality Disorder


  • Suspicious,

  • Jealous,

  • Resentful,

  • Bears grudges,

  • Has excessive sensitiveness to setbacks,

  • Has a high sense of personal rights and a sense of self importance


Schizoid Personality Disorder


  • Emotionally cold,

  • Detached and aloof,

  • Lacks enjoyment and humourless,

  • Prone to fantasy,

  • Lack of intimate relationships,

  • Solitary,

  • Insensitive to social norms and indifferent to praise or criticism


Dissocial Personality Disorder


  • Callous lack of concern for the feeling of others,

  • Incapacity to maintain relationships,

  • Irresponsibility,

  • Disregard for social norms,

  • Low tolerance to frustration,

  • Low threshold for aggression,

  • Lack of remorse or guilt,

  • Failure to accept responsibility for actions


Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder

  • Impulsive Type - Description:

    • Emotional instability and lack of impulse control,

    • Outbursts of violence or threatening behaviour are common, particularly in response to criticism by others.

  • Borderline-Type - Description:

    • Several of the characteristics of emotional instability are present.

    • The patient's own self-image is often disturbed.

    • Chronic feelings of emptiness.

    • A liability to become involved in intense and unstable relationships.

    • Repeated emotional crises.

    • Excessive efforts to avoid abandonment and a series of suicidal threats or acts of self-harm.


Histrionic Personality Disorder


  • Shallow,

  • Labile Affect,

  • Self-Dramatization,

  • Suggestibility,

  • Inappropriate Seductiveness,

  • Seeks attention/excitement,

  • Over-concern with physical attractiveness


Anankastic Personality Disorder


  • Preoccupied with details,

  • Inhibited by perfectionism,

  • Over-conscientious,

  • Excessively concerned with productivity,

  • Rigid and stubborn,

  • Pedantic,

  • Has excessive doubt and caution,

  • Expects others to submit to their ways


Anxious (Avoidant) Personality Disorder


  • Persistent and pervasive tension,

  • Feels socially inferior,

  • Preoccupied with rejection/ being criticised,

  • Avoids involvement with unfamiliar people,

  • Restricts lifestyle due to need for security,

  • Avoids social activity


Dependent Personality Disorder


  • Allows others to make important life decisions,

  • Unduly compliant,

  • Unwilling to make reasonable demands on others,

  • Feels unable to care for self,

  • Fear being abandoned,

  • Needs excessive help to make decisions