Mood Disorder

  • Current mood


  • Onset of mood change

- If sustained - “How has your mood varied recently?”

- Sustained low but period of lowering, including being lower in the morning

- What was happening? (Stressors - in terms of events seen as loss, entrapment or humiliation)

- Duration of lowering of mood

- Any highs? - mood elevation, onset, duration, irritability, changes in behaviour- spending/more friendly, subjective racing of thoughts


  • Sleep 

- decreased, excessive, early morning wakening


  • Appetite/ weight loss

- “Are your clothes any looser, do you skip meals?”


  • Memory or concentration

- “Do you forget minor things, can you follow the television or read books?”


  • Libido

- “Have you found yourself less interested in sex?”


  • Enjoyment

- "Are you looking forward to anything, is there anything you used to like to do?”


  • Energy

- “Do you feel more tired/leave the house/get out of bed?”


  • Negative thoughts - Hopelessness

- “What do you think about yourself/the world-others/the future?

- “Do you think things may get better?”


  • Suicide

- “When some people are low in mood they have thoughts that life is not worth living, have you experienced anything like that?”

- “Have you had any thought of what you might do?”

- “What stopped you from doing it?”


  • Psychotic symptoms

- “Do you ever have any experiences which were distressing and seemed unusual to you?”

- “Do you ever have any thoughts that upset you?”

- Full assessment of psychotic symptoms.

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