Eating Disorders

  • Note BMI, take height and weight - if low BMI aim to measure to investigate anorexia vs bulimia.


  • Eating pattern

“When did this start?”

“What do you eat on the average day?”

“Are there any foods you won’t eat?”


  • View of weight

“What do you think of your weight?”

“Do you think you need to change your weight?”

“What is your ideal weight?”


  • What are you doing to change your weight?

dieting - restricting intake, increased exercise to use energy, use of drugs - laxatives, diuretics, thyroxine etc, purging, vomiting


  • Overeating followed by purging.


  • Physical health problems - detailed physical health history.


  • Menstruation - “Sometimes when people lose weight they stop having periods. Has this happened to you?”


  • Libido - “Sometimes when people lose weight they are less interested in sex. Has anything like that happened to you?”


  • Physical symptoms - constipation, muscle cramps etc.