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After Self-Harm/Suicide Attempt

  • Degree of isolation

- “Was anyone else with you at the time?”


  • Timing of event

- “When did you do it?”


  • Precautions against discovery

- “What did you do before your suicide attempt?”


  • Acting to gain help

- “Did you tell anyone?”


  • Final acts in anticipation of death

- “Did you do anything before it, say goodbye, make a will etc.?”


  • Presence of note

- “Did you write a note?”


  • Patient’s statement of lethality

- "Did you think it would end your life, what made you think that?”


  • Degree of premeditation 

- “Is this something you planned, did you think about this before, did you look into this before.”


  • Patient’s stated intent

- “What did you hope would happen, did you want to end your life?”


  • Patients reaction to event

- “How do you feel about it now, would you do it again?”


  • Past history of self-harm

  • Past psychiatric history

  • Current medication

  • Social factors including drugs and alcohol

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