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This website is designed for all undergraduate students of all years, although is primarily designed to assist students in revising psychiatry material during and following their 5 week placement. It is divided into sections (which are aligned to the SGUL clinical learning outcomes and should be similar to all other medical school learning outcomes). It will take some time to go through the whole site.  

The website has been put together by both students and lecturers. The idea is that this can be a collaborative approach and can continue to develop, depending on what students find most useful. The website is managed by the e-Learning Unit, St George's, University of London in collaboration with the Psychiatry Team. If you are at SGUL and want to discuss any aspects of these topics on the phone or via email, then please contact the CTF (contact details on CANVAS). Alternatively you can contact the elu team if you would like to provide constructive feedback on the site. 


Psychiatry is a very creative specialty and there is a lot of overlap with the arts, music, film, detective fiction, international health, cultures. There are student selected components (SSCs) at SGUL on some of these topics.


If you are interested in knowing more about psychiatry as a potential career choice- click here for potential inspiration…!


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We would like to acknowledge the following people for their contribution to the content of the website: Dr Aileen O'Brien, Dr Joanna Philip-Watson, Dr Mark Ashraph, Dr Suhana Ahmed, Dr Cerian Avent, Dr Isabel Mark and all the other staff who took the time to review the content.

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